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Slalom unveils element lab212 to fuel business growth and innovation.

Leading Global Consulting Firm Teams with Ericsson to Launch 5G-Powered Lab

Slalom today announced the opening of Slalom element lab212, an innovation hub designed for organizations across all industries to discover breakthroughs through harnessing the power of 5G and working with Slalom’s strategy and innovation team. Slalom element lab212 is an inaugural innovation lab, where convention is challenged and business accelerates.

“Slalom element lab212 is a unique combination of technology, consultation, ideation and resources to help businesses uncover and take advantage of new opportunities,” said John Tomik, Managing Director, Slalom Strategy. “Clients will benefit from Slalom’s holistic approach that is built upon the foundation of understanding human behavior in response to new technology, to push boundaries and break out of constrained thought patterns. With Slalom element lab212, clients can explore the questions, themes and technology that will shape the future of business and culture.”


How Slalom element lab212 works.

Clients will work with a team of leading researchers, analysts, creators, and industry experts to realize their brand’s fullest potential to create, adopt, and harness future technological opportunities. Slalom’s rapid-iteration process pushes the boundaries and energizes executives’ thinking to innovate, discover, and challenge convention.

“5G innovation comes to life when companies have a space to collaborate and explore. Ericsson’s partnership with Slalom creates an opportunity for companies across industries to get hands-on with the technology, consider new ways to apply it, and unlock new business value,” said Alan Minney, Global Lead Strategic Partnerships, Ericsson.

Key elements of the Slalom element lab212 include Ericsson 5G areas designed to realize the possibilities of:


Half the lab is a dedicated playground for clients to test drive the latest tech to challenge assumptions and find answers to forecast for the future:

  • Human-Machine Relationships – How can hardware and software intertwine with humanity to create something better, stronger, faster, and smarter?
  • Total Automation – How can business integrate sensors, robotics, and workflows to improve operations?
  • The Digital Twin Future – How can business unlock the potential of visualizing and interacting with the physical environment in a digital manner?


The other half of the lab is dedicated to business application using Slalom’s rapid-iteration process to accelerate new technology innovation and adoption.

  • The Multimedia Future – How will audio, video, projection, collaboration, and multimedia capabilities work together to provide new opportunities?
  • The Enterprise Zone – How can business implement new industrial and commercial applications to increase productivity?

Slalom element lab212 is located in the Flatiron District of New York City and is open for tours to potential clients. For more information about Slalom element lab212 please visit: [email protected].

Meet the Slalom element lab212 Team.

John Tomik

Slalom element lab212, Managing Director, Founder

John is the Managing Director of Slalom Strategy and Slalom Element labs where he helps companies understand what’s possible, imagine a better future, and lead the way there. He has been pivotal in bringing some of the biggest consumer mobility and entertainment products to market and has transformed customer experiences in profound ways. He is a futurist and brings a wealth of experience and strong expertise in technology product & business strategy. John is also the Owner and Founder of Árvore De Luz –a startup corporation that is bringing a fresh perspective to organic citrus, exotic flowers and premium juice production. John is also an avid Science Fiction lover and will always find time to watch Minority Report or Star Trek.

Justin Tormey

Slalom element lab212, Director

A digital native. Justin lives, breaths and dreams online. He never knows what to put in the box when it says “occupation,” so he just writes “Internets.” With two decades of digital experience under his belt, you’d think he’d know what he wants to be when he grows up. But he doesn’t. Justin’s a strategic thinker and tactical executioner. A natural-born, quiet leader. He’s not going to tell you how to do it, he’ll roll up his sleeves do it with you. His teams excel and get shit done. He’d love to discuss your challenges and how he can help you solve them. Fun Fact: Justin saw the original “Matrix” movie 14 times in the theater when it was initially released.

Chris Thomas

Slalom element lab212, Chief Technology Officer

Chris believes in innovation via technology and has led many projects throughout his career transforming businesses to scale and exploit new technologies. Chris is a Machine Learning and Intelligence expert with strong business and finance fundamentals. Long history of experience in the field of cyber security. Prior to Slalom, Chris was the CTO for a DEI startup, prior to that he worked as the CTO of the Moody’s Analytics Accelerator. Chris’ favorite sci-fi movie is Gattaca.

Megan Acheson

Slalom element lab212, Sr. Business Manager

Megan is the Operations lead for Slalom Element Labs. Megan helps the team redefine what is possible and get it done! Megan has been with Slalom just over seven years and is inspired everyday by our teams and clients ability to push the boundaries. This work is some of the most impactful of her career and she hopes to continue to boldly where no others have been before. Megan’s favorite sci-fi movies include Star Trek and Star Wars.

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